How to Get Healthy Like An Army Soldier

Most people think that the healthiest and strongest individuals are those who’ve trained in the military. They may be right. What if we could get just as healthy without going through boot camp? Well, surprisingly, it’s definitely within reach and can be achieved.

Those who regularly follow a fitness regime are already on their way. It’s important to start slow and steadily increase in intensity. We first must become familiar with the basics. Getting healthy will always include the same key aspects – Nutrition, Physical Training, Cardiovascular workouts and enough rest. Having these elements in place will allow you to make significant gains.

If you’re a novice to fitness, it’s a good idea to get started with a personal trainer. This will ensure you’re on the right track. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to do exercises correctly without getting injured. You must follow the advice of your trainer faithfully to obtain the results required.

You’d start with physical training approximately three times a week. Each session will consist of warming up, stretching, a real workout, more stretching, and cool-down. These steps are vital to your success. Usually, you’ll focus on strengthening your muscles for one day; then you’ll require a day to rest those muscles to give them time to recover. While those muscles are relaxing, you’ll work on cardiovascular with a day a rest following. There should be no deviation from this schedule.

Resting includes making sure that you get enough sleep and stay on a strict schedule to enable your body to adapt. This goes along with proper nutrition to ensure your body meets the body’s nutritional requirements. Obtain assistance from a dietitian who can get you started with a routine to make sure you’re getting the appropriate calories for your body measurements.

It’s possible for you to attempt to determine your individual caloric needs. To find out the calories that you would normally burn in one day, use the following equation: 6.95 x weight + 679. The next step is to multiply the answer by 1.7. Now, you’ve determined calories burned. Then, take that answer and add 200-500 calories that would account for muscle gain. If your goal is weight loss, subtract those 200-500 calories from the number of calories burned in a day.

The best foods to eat are the following:

  • Whole grains
  • Lean meats
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Olive oil
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Flaxseed oils

Break down the types of food according to proper nutritional values: 60-70% of complex carbs (whole grains, vegetables, whole grain) 20-30% protein and 10-20% fat. Avoid as many trans and saturated fats as possible. They have no nutritional value and will be stored as fat. Always drink plenty of water in place of sodas or other sugary drinks.

Soldierfit gyms were started by a former soldier, Danny Farrar. These franchised gyms, established in 2007, focus on military-type exercises, such as mixed martial arts, personal training and boundless optimism and humility for former soldiers and those who wish to train like military members and obtain the same benefits.

These gyms were not created for those who want to flaunt their muscles or shapes in a superior, conceited environment. It’s all about a team approach that mimics the military; its inspiration. The gyms are set up with military decorations, and they even have a Humvee that is used as a front desk. Different rooms within the gym are dedicated to fallen soldiers, so their memory is never forgotten.

Personalized training is an important part of this all-encompassing gym. The plethora of exercises includes positive reinforcement. You’re praised and rewarded for what you have accomplished. They never focus on the negative; always looking ahead. Alternatively, you can practice yoga; see the best yoga for weight loss: best yoga DVD for beginners.

With over 400 exercises, metabolic training is utilized to burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour long session. The participants are made accountable for what they do or don’t do. It is part of the mantra that works much like a responsible soldier. Trainers are more than willing to work with anyone, regardless of their fitness level. They incorporate scenarios that one would encounter in real life. Activities of daily living can take a toll on many. These types of workouts will help to strengthen a person and give them the energy to carry out their chores.

Our culture enables people to take shortcuts and live an unhealthy life. If we are to get out of this vicious cycle and are dedicated to becoming fit, mirroring military-type exercises can help us become as healthy and fit as our military counterparts.

To aid in performing activities of daily living, it’s important to train our everyday movements. What do we do every day? Climb stairs, pushing and pulling things and picking up things. While doing this, focus on both sides and behind instead of just what’s in front of you. Don’t do anything on one foot. Always use both feet for balance. Teach your body to strengthen with proper form before trying to carry anything. Use the full range of motion. Train yourself to absorb force, land and catch things correctly. All of this training will provide the appropriate balance that is vital to carrying out daily activities.

To reiterate, there are necessary steps to fitness and proper nutrition as well as ideas to implement each aspect appropriately:

Before exercising, be sure to always warm up first to prevent any injuries and to prepare your body for your first exercise.

Work on several parts of your body one exercise at a time for strength and endurance.

Simple walking is a great form of exercise. Slowly increase distance as you build up your endurance.

While performing cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises, always take note of what your targeted heart rate should be. Do not go over your targeted heart rate, but do try to meet it as close as possible.

Do not push yourself past your endurance level.

Stretch only to the point that you are able. Don’t overstretch by trying to stretch to the point of others. You should be comfortable while feeling a slight stretch.

Train your core area for balance and stability.

The military always gives their soldiers 3 square meals a day. Prepare your meals ahead of time, so they are easy to access while keeping to your nutritional needs.

When doing repetitions, do not strive for how many. Aim for quality instead of quantity.

As you exercise, you will be sweating which causes you to lose important water. Be sure to drink enough to replace lost fluids.

Along with your other nutritional requirements, it can only help to eat more vegetables. They’re high in protein and full of good nutritional value.

To become healthy like an army soldier, you must mirror their actions and approach to fitness. By doing so, you can achieve their level of fitness and feel better about yourself.


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